Sir, You Are Being Hunted sneaks onto Kickstarter

Procedurally generated countryside survival title Sir, You Are Being Hunted has crept onto Kickstarter , bringing with it a couple of disclaimers, which we should mention before embarking any further. Our Online Editor Marsh Davies is doing illustration work for the game, specifically the inventory icons, and Big Robot's Jim Rossignol wrote for PC Gamer way back in the day. I have no stake in the game whatsoever, although I am a fan of robots, tea and the British countryside. With that out of the way - Big Robot are asking for a relatively modest £40,000 to finish development of the game, and over £5,000 has already been pledged.

In addition to a new video, the pledge page reveals a few more features of the game, including "a disembodied sinister butler", fires to cook dead rabbits on, and "pipe-smoking moustache-wearing mechanical locals". The Sir prototype already contains these features in an "early, undeveloped state", with the Kickstarted money (if it's raised) being used to gussy the game up with professional art and animation.

The Kickstarter runs for a month until December 2nd, accompanied by fairly sensible rewards. These range from pledging £10 for a copy of the game, to pledging £1,000 to be written into the fiction as a character "alluded to in books and letters". You can see if that's worth it with this 'Alpha Teaser' video, which has a gentlemanly running time of three minutes.

Tom Sykes

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