Sir, You Are Being Hunted lets players sneak into the alpha through Steam Early Access

I'll have to be quick. I took a wrong turn on the way to the office and now I'm lost in the woodlands, being tracked by posh, yet murderous robots. Coincidentally, it's a situation reminiscent of Sir, You Are Being Hunted: the open world stealth-'em-up from Big Robot, which is now available to buy in alpha form. Here, let me hastily embed a trailer, before metallic dogs track my scent, or, even worse, this flask of tea goes cold.

Right, I've hidden in a thicket, hopefully buying enough time to tell you about the game's pre-1.0 plans. You can buy into the Sir alpha through the developers' Humble widget , or via Steam Early Access . You'll get instant access to the latest build, and secure all future versions. Planned updates include a new industrial biome, more enemies and a free multiplayer expansion. Here's a second video, from Big Robot's Jim Rossignol, laying out the upcoming development roadmap:

As part of that roadmap, the developers are taking feedback through their forum . And I'm taking feedback on how to escape a heavily armed robo-death squad, while up a tree and posting PC game news through a tiny sliver of wi-fi.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted is currently available for $20 .

Phil Savage

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