Sims 4 is finally turning babies into real Sims on March 14

At long last, The Sims 4's babies will no longer be trapped in crib purgatory. The long-awaited and heavily-teased infants update arrives on March 14 with a lot of new interactions, customization, and interaction with your tiniest human family members.

After the update, infants will be their own life stage. You'll be able to add them as family members in Create-A-Sim, including outfits and traits. You'll spot lots of infant-sized variants on current clothes and accessories.

In the reveal video above you can spot a lot of new interactions and activities for infants as well. Left to their own devices, they'll sit, fall, and crawl around the house. But they've also got their own ways to interact with adults, kids, and even pets. You can spot bath time, bottle feeding, spoon feeding, and chestfeeding. They're babies; there's a lot of feeding involved. There are also smelly diapers, cuddling, and handing off infants to another Sim, presumably for when your parents need a break to relieve that bladder.

That's about all the details available in the official announcement accompanying the Behind the Sims livestream. Maxis also teased a new expansion involving a new family, the Michaelsons, and will be revealing more information on February 2. Oh, and there was a bit of The Sims 5 news, in which Maxis clarified that no, Project Rene isn't an MMO.

Lauren Morton
Associate Editor

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