SimCity update 4.0 hits tomorrow with various fine-tuning efforts

We envision SimCity 's residents sadly shaking their heads, mourning the students that never return from their commute to university—as well as the lack of a place to shop. These truly troubling issues, among others, are getting fixed in a patch tomorrow.

First off, some new additions. Early adopters of the game finally receive the SimCity Launch Park. Also, the newly introduced Edgewater Bay is a region with room to spare for seven cities and one great work site.

Dynamic changes in the Global Market prices will be re-enabled, as will leaderboards—EU West 3, Pacific 1, and Pacific 2's leaderboards will be up first, with other servers following suit throughout the day.

Meanwhile, fire stations have been busy training their drivers to not take such obtuse routes when responding to dire emergencies, but in the case they still find themselves caught in traffic, hey, Solar Farms now have a reduced fire risk. A fix will be deployed for the sad story of the college students who disappeared after figuring out how to cross the road , and there are also tuning fixes to Sim happiness now, especially in places without commercial zones. It seems I'm finally being listened to when I say that retail therapy is a very necessary thing in life.

Those are the most notable changes, but you can head on over to the EA forums to check out the full list of fine-tuning changes. Slowly, SimCity gets back up on its feet. Now how much longer do we need to wait for larger maps and subways?