SimCity release date set for March 5, 2013

SimCity night boulevard

Malicious mayors cackling gleefully over unleashing a cataclysmic meteor shower upon their ward and hearing the anguished cries of immolated citizens won't have to wait long—wait, start over. Kindhearted, altruistic mayors with plans for quality of life improvements and low taxes should plan their first week in office starting March 5, SimCity's North American release date revealed via Twitter . European metro-meisters get a March 8 launch.

Alongside grid-destroying natural disasters and a strengthened appeal to non-linearity governed by the GlassBox engine, SimCity emphasizes multiplayer through a permanent online connection requirement . Maxis also previously confirmed dumping raw sewage into a far-flung corner of your burg in the hopes no one will notice actually works. Leadership .

SimCity pre-orders cost $60/£45 ($80/£65 for the deluxe edition) over at EA's Origin store .

Omri Petitte

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