SimCity getting Amusement Park DLC, according to an early store listing

SimCity's first expansion will be an Amusement Park Pack, according to an early listing posted by digital store front Green Man Gaming . Screenshots show bright, cheerful, sparkly attractions, which might look a little out of place if you're currently mayoring it over a pollutant-filled hell town of poverty and industrial waste. Still, nothing like a giant Ferris wheel to distract citizens from a landscape of desolation. Dammit, wait! It'll do the exact opposite.

The SimCity Twitter account commented on the premature release, saying , "Some of you may have seen thrilling new #SimCity content that arrived too early at the gate. It's coming May 28. We think you'll be amused." Which isn't exactly subtle.

If the now removed listing is to be believed, the pack will release May 28th. According to the page's description, mayors will have full control of the layout of their parks, drawing custom paths for visitors and laying tracks for a tiny train station.

More screenshots below:

Thanks, CVG .

Phil Savage

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