SimCity closed beta video shows starting tutorial [Update: poof!]

SimCity mayor

Update: Aaaaaaand it's gone. EA yanked the video on copyright claims, but our suspicion of a marketing tactic still flows as strong as a properly laid sewer stream. Original story below.

Hmm. New SimCity footage has apparently been leaked (totally coincidentally, I'm sure) in the same window of time that EA's announced details on SimCity's beta . The video shows an 11-minute cut of the city-builder's tutorial guide from a closed beta version, one we saw ourselves when Maxis visited us last year.

Not much else is shown outside basic introductions to building, resource management, and a whole heap of reticulated splines, but the unedited gameplay definitely shows off the shiny GlassBox engine 's chops. Take a look, and also watch us chatter away on SimCity's online requirement and other related topics.

I noticed that the video's submitter posted his footage to Reddit under a totally legitimate, freshly-created account named SimCityDude , which isn't exactly subtle. But then again, maybe he's just covering his tracks. The submitter does, though, go out of his way to link to the game's pre-order page. We still consider the footage to be worth your time, but our thought around the office right now is that EA intentionally released this under the guise of a leak. PC Gamer: always vigilant, always paranoid.

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