Sim racers unable to use their feet can now use this hand throttle/brake in Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5's new 'Donut Media' update offers some extremely enticing performance and graphical updates for PC gamers, including FSR 2.2/DLSS support and new ray tracing modes. However, one thing that's just been added that could make a world of difference to a few Horizon festival go-ers is fresh compatibility with 3DRap's Hand Controller HC1.

3DRap's Hand Controller HC1 is a throttle and brake that attaches directly onto a PC racing wheel. It allows a user to apply the throttle or brake in-game with two levers within easy reach of their thumb, and since it's attached to the wheel it's not going to get in the way or swing out of reach mid-corner.

Much like most pedals sold by top racing wheel manufacturers, both levers on the Hand Controller use hall sensors and bearings to offer a fluid and smooth response both in real-life and transferred in-game.

The 3DRap Hand Controller is intended to be used by sim racers who could find themselves locked out of their favourite, or the newest, racing games due to being unable to use their feet for acceleration or braking.

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"On reflection, we came to the conclusion that it wasn't just about 'not being able to play a video game. There was much more at stake," says Italian company 3DRap in a blog post on the controller back in 2018.

"For example, being able to adequately prepare for obtaining a license from the comfort of home, or finally being able to experience the thrill of driving a supercar, racing in online championships with your friends. In short, feeling part of a community, without barriers."

Racing wheel compatibility is not easy, and in fact even Forza Horizon 5 at launch had some teething issues with constant wheel disconnects. Those were rather swiftly fixed soon after launch, though. 3DRap support has taken a little longer to arrive.

The Hand Controller is available to purchase for €90 (pretty much $90 exactly), and comes in left- and right-hand options. Forza Horizon 5's latest update is already available, so you should be good to go if you're just investing in a Hand Controller today.

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