Silent Hill Alchemilla mod team teases co-op survival horror Twin Soul

You may recognise White Noise as the hobbyist team who reinterpreted horror game Silent Hill last year in Alchemilla—a first-person Source Engine mod that eschewed combat for puzzles and exploration. I was taken by it, but I'm admittedly a huge Silent Hill enthusiast. Twin Soul marks White Noise's next venture, and first game, which is equally creepy and now has a teaser trailer. 

Set in Russia, "post USSR times", the game's protagonists are dead however remain trapped in Purgatory. "Their souls are trying to find the exit," reads a description featured on the game's IndieDB page. "Our heroes trying to find out why they are here, they are travelling the world of fear and social problems."

That's not obviously portrayed below, but the following short is pretty unsettling nevertheless.

As a co-op survival horror game, Twin Soul tasks players with outliving "monsters which can be killed or avoided". The game features combat, however players are advised against tackling their adversaries head-on as they often harness superhuman strength. "Each monster has their weak side," adds the description. "By learning monster's behaviour players can find how to act in each situation. Some monsters can hear very well but barely see anything. Others can see very well, but hear almost nothing." 

It's early days yet, but the following screens and concept artwork offer a glimpse at the direction Twin Souls is headed in. Spooky.