Signal Ops trailer shows multi-viewpoint FPS espionage, looks incredible

I... that is... I don't even... wow. Wow . Signal Ops looks really damn cool. It also looks like it's going to fry my brain and then marinade it with a delicious mixture of its own juices, but I'll cross that ego-crushing bridge when I get to it. For now, just marvel at the above trailer, which presents a tactical FPS where you simultaneously view and - to varying degrees - control your entire squad at once. Yes, from first-person . Better still, this isn't some Rainbow Six wannabe breach-clear-and-murderkillsplode-fest, either. So says (wonderfully named) developer Space Bullet:

"Signal Ops draws inspiration from classic games such as Commandos, Syndicate, and Deus Ex. You work for a secretive government agency and lead your field agents from the relative safety of the control room on various espionage missions. Stealing secrets, sabotage, assassination, and all that sort of thing... This is no corridor shooter. The levels are open and you are free to tackle the objectives in the manner you see fit."

GIVE THEM MONEY . The game will apparently be finished regardless, but every little bit helps. Now then, if you'll excuse me, I have more drool-encrusted gawking to do.