Show Us Your Rig: John Smedley

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Each week on Show Us Your Rig, we feature PC gaming's best and brightest as they show us the systems they use to work and play.

Truth be told, we've been trying to have John Smedley on Show Us Your Rig since he was the head of Daybreak Games, and Daybreak was still called Sony Online Entertainment. Now he's the head of Pixelmage Games making Hero's Song, which just canceled its Kickstarter today after switching entirely to investment funding. One of the reasons I've wanted to feature him for so long: he's got an absolute beast of a PC. Smedley was kind enough to take some time and show off his rig.

What's in your PC?

  • Puget Systems super quiet PC
  • Asus X99 Deluxe Motherboard
  • Intel i7 5960X eight core processor
  • 64 GB of DDR4-2133 ram
  • Nvidia GTX Titan-Z 12GB video card
  • HDMI sound via video card to a 7.2 sound system with a Denon receiver
  • Monitor is a Philips 4065 UC 40” 4k monitor at 3840 x 2160 resolution

What's the most interesting/unique part of your setup?

The monitor is the most interesting part of the setup. It's massive!

Show Us Your Rig John Smedley 2

What's always within arm's reach on your desk?

Always within arms reach - my buckyballs. I'm always messing with those things when I'm reading or at my computer.

What are you playing right now?

Right now I'm playing more Path of Exile.

What's your favorite game and why?

If I had to pick a favorite game now it would be Overwatch. Waiting for that beta to come back big time.

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