Show Us Your Rig: Battle Royale modder Brendan Greene

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Show us your rig

Each week on Show Us Your Rig, we feature PC gaming's best and brightest as they show us the systems they use to work and play.

Brendan Greene, creator of "PLAYERUNKNOWN's Battle Royale" mode for Arma 3 and H1Z1, has a modest rig but one with an air of old school cool about it. Then again, I don't think a GTX 770 really counts as old school, so maybe I'm just saying that because of the slight sepia filter and the Morse Key on his desk. I was lucky enough to interview Greene last month, and he was kind enough to take some time and show off where he does his modding.

What's in your PC?

I live by myself in a small village in Kildare, Ireland. I built this PC a few years ago while I was in Brazil and as such it is not the most powerful setup and I hope to upgrade soon, but for now it does the job.

  • CPU: Intel Core i5 @ 3.00GHz
  • Storage: Corsair Force 3 SSD + a few external drives for storage
  • RAM: 8GB Dual-Channel DDR3
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770
  • Mouse: Razer Death Adder
  • Keyboard: Razer BlackWidow Chroma
  • Headphones: Logitech G35
  • Monitors: 23" Samsung SyncMaster & 22" HP Pavilion Monitors.

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I also have a Razor Blade I got while over in San Diego with Daybreak Games (SOE) and they also hooked me up with some nice peripherals which I badly needed.

What's the most interesting/unique part of your setup?

Interesting? Well I do have a Vibroplex "Lightning Bug" Morse Key which I love. I have a soft spot for old tech like that. I also have an old leather sampler as my mouse pad.

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What's always within arm's reach on your desk?

A notepad and a cup for tea. Both are very useful things when trying to figure out problems.

What are you playing right now?

H1Z1, Arma 3: KotH, and Next Car Game: Wreckfest.

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What's your favorite game and why?

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down Multiplayer. I loved that game as it had so many intense modes, player created maps, and what really got me hooked was that you had to learn to zero correctly as it had actual bullet physics.

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