Shinji Mikami recommends playing The Evil Within 2 on 'Casual' setting

Last week we learned that The Evil Within 2 will push its psychological horror leanings "much harder" than its predecessor, and now series mastermind Shinji Mikami has recommended playing on the game's 'Casual' setting.

Speaking to Japanese publication Famitsu (via Siliconera), Mikami and Tango Gameworks' John Johanas discussed some of the features heading to the survival horror sequel—a list which includes dropping the original game's multi-chaptered structure and in turn including less loading screens, the inclusion of a crafting system that lets you create your own weapons, and the fact that this game opens with a wider opening stage that is said to incorporate missions and encourage varying playstyles. 

Most interestingly, despite 'Survival,' and 'Nightmare' expectedly offering players greater degrees of challenge, Siliconera suggests that Mikami himself recommends players play on the base-level 'Casual' setting. 

It's not clear if Mikami directs this advice at new players (there's a chance something has been lost in translation), however as a seasoned survival horror scaredy cat, I reckon I'll heed the one-time Resident Evil director's warning here.

The Evil Within 2 is due October 13, 2017.