She Remembered Caterpillars is a colorful puzzle game about fungus and mortality

She Remembered Caterpillars is a "fungipunk" color-matching puzzle game set in "a phantasgamorphic world of writhing caterpillars, brightly-colored Gammies, and living architecture." It won the 2016 Intel Level Up Game Demo Contest for Best Puzzle Game, it's also in the running for an IGF Award, and it comes out tomorrow—which makes this a fine time to check out the launch trailer. 

"[She Remembered Caterpillars] will have players eavesdropping on what appears to be one scientist’s quest to save her father," the Steam listing explains. "As the chapters progress, more of this strange universe will reveal itself: What manner of cataclysm occurred here? Who are the players involved? And what exactly are the Gammies doing in these dreamscapes?" 

I don't actually know what Gammies are, but I do like the looks of this trailer, a strange but lovely thing with music by Deponia composer Thomas Höhl. She Remembered Caterpillars promises 40 levels spread over multiple acts, each with "a fresh mechanic or a different color," and a different piece of the story, too: "A story of parent and child, of learning the ways to accept that the former is not, has never been immortal." 

She Remembered Caterpillars will debut on January 17 on Steam and If you'd like to get a feel for what's in store before opening your wallet, a free demo is also available now. 

Andy Chalk

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