Shadowrun: Hong Kong - Extended Edition out now

Shadowrun Hong Kong EE

That free Shadowrun: Hong Kong expansion we mentioned the other day? It's out now, free if you already own the game. The slightly confusingly named Shadows of Hong Kong campaign takes place after the main game, offering "6+ hours" of cyberpunk roleplaying. Here's a summary:

"Set in the weeks following the events of the main campaign, the Shadows of Hong Kong bonus campaign will give you—and your team—the opportunity to turn the tables on the elite corporate police force that once hunted you. Through layers of corporate greed and urban strife, you will contend with dangerous enemies, uncover a deadly conspiracy, and cement your reputation as a Prime Runner… assuming that you survive, of course."

If you own Shadowrun: Hong Kong on Steam, GOG or Humble, you may have noticed that it's now called Shadowrun: Hong Kong - Extended Edition, and boasts the aforementioned free expansion, along with "a variety of game improvements" and a developer audio commentary. Steam should automatically update your game to the new version; you might need to download the game again on GOG or Humble.

If you don't own Shadowrun: Hong Kong yet, it's currently 50% off on Steam and GOG for the next few days.

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