Free Shadowrun: Hong Kong expansion will add five hours of play

Shadowrun: Hong Kong

It's been all quiet on the Shadowrun: Hong Kong front since the fantasy-cyberpunk RPG was released last summer. But developer Harebrained Schemes announced over the weekend that a Shadowrun: Hong Kong Extended Edition is in the works, and that everyone who already owns the original release will be updated for free.

There are no details at this point, but Harebrained said on Facebook that the update will another five-plus hours of gameplay, and more than 100 minutes of developer commentary. A sample of the commentary, discussing some early concepts of NPC Kindly Cheng, is posted on Soundcloud.

Shadowrun: Hong Kong earned a solid score of 70/100 in our August review, in which we declared it “the best Shadowrun to date,” but noted that the franchise as a whole is getting a little long in the tooth. Even so, there are few genres that hold up to the years as well as RPGs, and more of a good one is always welcome.

Thanks, Destructoid.

Andy Chalk

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