Shadow of the Eternals crowdfunding goes live, along with a lengthy gameplay video

The crowdfunding campaign for Eternal Darkness' spiritual successor has gone live, along with nine minutes of footage that feature a lot of talking, slightly less walking, and even a quick encounter with a sort of porcupine monster - albeit cinematically. As they're based in Canada, developers Precursor Games can't go down the Kickstarter route, so they've set up a very Kickstarter-like section on their own site . Be wary, however, as their campaign is of the flexible funding variety, meaning even if they don't reach their $1.5m target, they'll get to keep everything they've raised.

That $1,500,000 will go towards production of the game's pilot episode, as well as the engine that future episodes will be based on. Thankfully, Precursor Games promise that "future episodes of Shadow of the Eternals will be significantly less to produce", so we won't have to fork over quite so much cash every time.

Precursor Games have currently raised just over $138,000, with 26 days left on the Eternal clock. Here's how the pilot episode is shaping up:

Thanks, Joystiq .

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