Shadow of the Colossus-inspired game Prey for the Gods launches a Kickstarter campaign

The influence of Shadow of the Colossus, the acclaimed follow-up to the equally acclaimed and also PlayStation exclusive Ico, is all over Prey for the Gods. This is an action-survival game that was first revealed last autumn in the form of a trailer in which the putative hero made a laborious climb up the back of a giant, furry monster. The game is being made by the three-person No Matter Studios, which today launched a Kickstarter seeking $300,000 to fund its completion. 

Prey for the Gods sounds tremendously ambitious, especially for such a small studio. Each of the giant monster fights will require a unique tactical approach, but the world itself, which you'll have to explore to find food, shelter, and equipment, promises to be just as much of a challenge. 

“Exploration is rewarding but risky. Luckily, your footsteps in deep snow will help guide you back if you get lost. However, the deeper the snow the more tired and hungry you will be,” the Kickstarter says. “Spend too long out in the cold and risk exposure that will chill you to the bone. Our dynamic weather system is treacherous and ever changing. From a sunny day, to a blizzard at a moment’s notice you never know what to expect. The weather is just as dangerous as the giants you are after. A trek out to find your next foe could have you changing course and looking for shelter to warm yourself.” 

The plan is to launch with five bosses, although more will be added if stretch goals are met. The team estimates that the game is currently about 25 percent finished and currently has an estimated delivery date of December 2017, although they acknowledge that could “slip” if things don't work out quite as planned. The Prey for the Gods Kickstarter is live now and runs until August 6.

Andy Chalk

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