Sext your enemies and take a mech for a joyride in Heaven Will Be Mine

Heaven Will Be Mine is a "queer science fiction mecha" visual novel set in an alternate 1981 where mankind is trying to find a new place to live by exploring space in giant robots. Unfortunately, all they've found is "an intangible and ephemeral existential threat from beyond the solar system," so after a few decades of attrition, they decide to call it quits and return home—but not before an eight-day war breaks out between three factions. 

Girls from those factions serve as the game's multiple playable protagonists. There's Luna-Terra, a seasoned pilot; Saturn, a skilled hacker; and Pluto, an "overwhelming super psychic." Your choice of protagonist determines your perspective within the story, and each girl's arc features different scenes. That said, no matter who you play as, Heaven Will Be Mine is universally about three things: "joyriding mecha, kissing your enemies, and fighting gravity's pull."

"Follow three women piloting giant robots in the last days of an alternate 1980s space program fighting for humanity’s future—or ditching their jobs to make out with each other instead," developer Pillow Fight Games writes on Steam. "Your choices decide if they become clandestine lovers or passionate rivals, and which faction's ultimate plan for humanity's fate in space and beyond will be realized. Win for your ideals or lose for love, and grasp heaven in your hands." 

If you've ever played a visual novel, yuri or otherwise, Heaven Will Be Mine will feel familiar. It plays out primarily through dialogue trees, and if you're interested you can scan collectible chat logs for more information on various characters and humanity's predicament. Or, you could "sext your enemies," which sounds like way more fun than reading in space.

Heaven Will Be Mine is now available on Steam for $10. If you find that it's up your alley, you might want to check out Pillow Fight's previous visual novel, We Know the Devil, which the studio describes as a "queer cult horror visual novel" and which commands a Very Positive rating on Steam.  

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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