Seven: The Days Long Gone has a demo and a limited-time discount

How to define Seven: The Days Long Gone. It's a genre-straddling three-dimensional isometric RPG, that boasts tiered combat and stealth and parkour—all of which takes place within a sprawling sandbox world with elements of Steampunk thrown in because, well, why not?  

Its unconventional approach impressed Fraser last month, despite being hamstrung by some "rather serious" bugs along the way, and you can now draw your own conclusions within the game's newly-launched demo.

Found via the game's respective Steam and GOG store pages, fill the shoes of career thief  Teriel and run, jump, climb, sleuth, and stab your way around a section of prison island Peh for free. 

If you like what you see, know that Seven: The Days Long Gone is subject to a 30 percent discount from now through the next seven long days. Down from its £27.99/$36.89 recommended retail value, the new price will skin you £19.59/$25.82. 

Here's another look at Seven's launch cinematic:

And here's Fraser on the variety of the game's world: 

You can choose whether to use stealth, violence or magic, but you’ll always need to be an explorer. What a relief, then, that Peh is such a compelling frontier. It’s an island that revels in the bizarre. Intimidating military outposts sit next to cyberpunk slums and swampy villages that wouldn’t look out of place in a fantasy romp. And it’s a melting pot of weirdos and ne’er-do-wells, full of criminals, rebels, adventurers, zealots and mages. 

Walking across the island is like stepping into a new universe every mile. Yet it feels surprisingly cohesive, like structured chaos. Environmental storytelling and the occasional lore dump reveal the strange logic of Peh. It’s a vertical slice of the greater world: a version of our Earth in a far-flung era, set after a golden age and an apocalypse. All that’s left on Earth is the remnants of humanity, those left behind when the ‘ancients’ fled to the stars.

Seven: The Days Long Gone is out now on GOG and Steam.