Settle your Valheim disputes with Viking beer pong

An image of a viking beer pong table in Valheim. Credit to reddit user thetrueTrueDetective.
(Image credit: thetrueTrueDetective via Iron Gate AB)

Can't decide where to place your server's newest base in Valheim? Furious that your buddy took the last bars of iron to upgrade their axe when you don't even have iron tools yet? Here's a way to resolve your dispute: Viking beer pong. Or mead pong, if you haven't unlocked barleywine yet. Just use something like an amber pearl or a cloudberry and chuck it out of your inventory at the traditional beer pong setup. The idea first popped up a few weeks ago. Here's an great example, also from Reddit:

Some Viking beer pong with the boys from r/valheim

To make a beer pong table you'll have to get a bronze axe to cut trees like birch and oak for fine wood. Once you build a double-length of tables, you can use horizontal item stands, made with fine wood and bronze nails, and mugs, made with fine wood, to set up the traditional pong arena. If you're not old enough to know what I'm talking about, that's fine, ask a parent to explain.

If this is too tame for your dispute, you can always build a kicking tower. Just a round platform on a tall tower, no safety railing. By unequippping your weapons and turning on PvP damage, then climbing to the top of the tower, you and other players can use the knockback inflicted by the Mouse 3 special attack, an unarmed "Sparta!" kick, to throw each other to your deaths. Last one standing on the tower wins.

We invented a way to resolve disputes - The Kicking Tower. from r/valheim

If that's still too safe, well, try a troll pit.

All disputes on the server are settled by the troll pit. Kicks only. from r/valheim

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