Seraph release date set, dual pistols at the ready

Designed to be played in repeated runs, Seraph is a skill-based, sidescolling shooter where wall-jumping and cartwheeling and dodging and flipping are equally as important as blasting your way through its hordes of weird exploding baddies. It’s lived in Early Access since April but now has a concrete release date: September 20. 

Master of auto-aim, titular protagonist Seraph locks onto her foes independently of the player which means you’re afforded more time to savour her acrobatic skillfulness, safe in the knowledge that her dual-pistols are handling the dirty work.   

By the virtue of moving pictures, here’s some of that in motion:

If you prefer the written word, though, here’s Tom’s Early Access impressions. He quite liked it:

“Seraph is all about avoidance. You use your moveset—an area-of-effect pushback attack, a double jump and teleportation—to find safe space in ever-intensifying battles. Difficulty ticks up with every blob of experience you absorb from enemies, and it doesn't take long for the basic encounters of the first few levels to become desperate scrambles. 

“Melee creeps like to swarm and leap. Floating demons fling fireballs, and others teleport unnervingly into your personal space. The game cleverly forces you to finish powerful enemies at point-blank range, which gives you constant imperative to dive into the fight's most fraught areas.”

Seraph will bound from the confines of Early Access on September 20. For now it costs £9.99/$12.99, however is expected to go up come full release.