Sega teases announcement for next week (that could be a spiritual Theme Hospital successor)

It appears that Sega is getting ready to unveil something new next week: Earlier today, the publisher tweeted an image of a light bulb, with the date "16th January" stenciled beside it. A great mystery indeed! 

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Except it's not, at least not entirely. PCGamesN pointed out that Two Point Studios tweeted back in November that it would unveil its new project on January 16 of this year—and Two Point Studios, as we reported in May 2017, has a publishing partnership with Sega. It all seems pretty straightforward from there.

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What makes the tease especially interesting is the studio itself, which was founded in 2016 by Mark Webley, a co—founder of Lionhead Studios, and Gary Carr, formerly the studio's creative director. The new outfit includes veterans of Lionhead and its predecessor, Bullfrog Productions, and while the nature of the nature of the project isn't known (January 16, remember), Two Point's Twitter page says it's "making sim games," and cites both Theme Park and Theme Hospital.

A more on-the-nose hint of what's in store comes by way of Resetera, which dug up a USPTO trademark filing for Two Point Hospital. We won't know for sure until early next week, but a Theme Hospital successor of some sort seems very likely.   

Andy Chalk

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