See what Nosgoth is all about in this hour-long gameplay video

Last year , we found out that a sequel to 2003's Legacy of Kain: Defiance was canceled and reworked into a free-to-play, class-based multiplayer game called Nosgoth. So far, only a limited amount of players have been able to get into the alpha, so this hour's worth of gameplay footage with commentary by Psyonix Game Director Corey Davis and shoutcaster Alex 'Goldenboy' Mendez is the first good look we've had at the game.

Nosgoth pits asymmetric teams of hunters and vampires against each other. The humans deal damage mostly with ranged weapons, while the melee-focused vampires can traverse the maps more easily by climbing up buildings. The vampires's Sentinel class, for example, can even fly around the level, snatch up a hunter, and drop him to the earth from a great height to deal damage.

Aside from giving you a good look at the interface and the overall feel of the game, the video gives us a first look at Siege mode. It's a combination of objective-based and domination modes. Hunters are tasked with holding specific areas of the map until the can light flares and call for reinforcements, while the vampires are concerned only with stopping them. Psyonix got its start by developing the Onslaught mode for Unreal Tournament 2004, which had a similar concept and was one of the best parts of a terrific game.

The video goes into many more details, showing off a lot of the different weapons and classes. It borrows from a lot of other great multiplayer shooters, but overall looks really different and involved, especially for a free-to-play game. On that front, Davis says that you'll be able to buy aesthetic upgrades and weapons, which you can also earn just by playing the game.

Psyonix said that a beta for Nosgoth will be coming "soon."