See the first footage of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite's Jedah in action

A little while back, a roster for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite was leaked on NeoGAF, and now, Jedah, one of the Capcom fighters it included has been confirmed. And on top of that, we got to see gameplay of him and the Guardians of the Galaxy's Gamora during some exhibition matches at Evo 2017.

The gameplay (above), posted to YouTube by FGC Area, gives us our first look at the two characters. And while I wasn't the biggest fan of how the fighting felt in the recent demo that was released for consoles, Gamora has me excited to give it another shot. She seems to have options no matter where she is in the match, whether it's short-to-medium-range with her sword or long-range with her space guns. 

Gamora shows up in the earlier portions of the video, while we get out first look at Jedah at around 5 minutes and 40 seconds in. He looks similar to how he worked in Darkstalkers 3, but a lot faster and modern looking—I'm sure he actually plays differently as well.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite hits PC on September 19 in North America and September 21 in Europe. 

So far, Infinite feels like a less complicated game than its predecessor, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. This seems to be intentional as Capcom wants to draw in new fans, while still satisfying hardcore players. You can read our preview of Infinite here. It goes in-depth on the gameplay and how the Infinity Stones work.