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This week in Fortnite, you need to search an ice machine as part of the Big Mouth Tooth Ache quest. This challenge will have you going to one of several locations around the season 8 map.

Ice machines are a pretty normal thing to find, unlike some of Fortnite's other treasure hunt quests, so you probably have a solid idea of where to find them already.

If you don't though, you can read our full guide below for where to search an ice machine. You can also check out the recent Fortnite birthday quests to get a couple free rewards.

Keep in mind that the first stage of this challenge line is to speak with the Big Mouth NPC, who can be found

Ice machine locations

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Weirdly, ice machines aren't a guaranteed spawn in Fortnite. You could show up to one of the several gas stations or other locations that have an ice machine and it might just be an empty spot. I've highlighted the map above with some of the more reliable locations, most of which are the gas stations you might be familiar with already.

If you come to a gas station, the ice machine is typically outside the front entrance. If you're going for the ice machine in Believer Beach, check the pier restaurant at the end.

Once you find an ice machine, simply interact with it to open it. Inside, you'll usually be rewarded with a shield item.

That's it for this challenge. Don't forget to check out our Fortnite page for more challenge guides, new skins, and more.

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