Sean Murray says the No Man's Sky patch will make people very happy

Hello Games founder Sean Murray says a big No Man's Sky patch is now in testing, but if you don't want to wait, you can grab it right now through the game's Experimental branch on Steam.

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The Experimental branch post on Steam was updated earlier today with a list of changes including support for AMD Phenom CPUs, improved and adjustable mouse smoothing, support for Radeon 6000-series GPUs (which don't fully support OpenGL 4.5), better alt-tabbing, shader caching, proper FPS capping, overall performance improvements, particularly on CPUs with eight threads. And while not all the reactions to Murray's promise on Twitter have been pleasant or sincere, we've given the new build some preliminary play and found that it has improved frame rate stuttering, and fixed the alt-tab bug.

To access the experimental build, right-click the No Man's Sky listing in your Steam library, select Properties, hit the Betas tab, and then the dropdown menu to select the branch. The code to get in is 3xperimental, and Hello Games asks players who have their issues fixed by this branch to please let them know.        

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Andy Chalk

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