Sea of Thieves release date set

Last night's Game Awards brought with it a deluge of trailers, new game reveals and announcements. Rare's pirate simulator Sea of Thieves was among them, which now has a launch date: March 20, 2018. 

Incarcerating rogues, weathering storms and scouting ships in your quest to become more pirate looks something like this:

Of our all coverage of the incoming seafaring venture, my absolute favourite headline is Steven's atop his preview from this year's E3. Sea of Thieves is a full-blown shenanigan simulator, it reads, and opens with the following:

Sea of Thieves is the Wallace and Gromit of pirate games. It's the kind of game where something simple like sailing to an island can spiral out of control until the next thing I know I'm chugging a mug of grog and firing myself out of a cannon to try and rescue a teammate who fell overboard in shark-infested waters. Seconds later, the rest of our four-person crew are also launching themselves out of cannons because who cares about the objective anyway?

Check out Steven's early impressions in full this-a-way, and expect Sea of Thieves to drop its anchor on PC come March 20, 2018.