Sea of Thieves' next update has been delayed

The Heart of Fire update for Sea of Thieves that was expected to arrive tomorrow has been delayed because of a last-minute bug that was discovered during pre-release testing.

"Due to an issue discovered by our Insiders, the Heart of Fire update will no longer be launching on March 11th as originally planned," Rare said on Twitter. "We will share information regarding a new release date for this update within 24 hours. This does not affect your current Voyages."

Heart of Fire will bring a lot to the table, including a new Tall Tale, the narrative adventures that lead crews to the Shores of Gold and beyond. There's also going to be new chain shot cannonballs that will do a real number on enemy masts, a throwable Blunderbomb explosive that will knock enemies back, and a whole range of "banana gear" that Fraser is particularly excited about.

"We found a bug at the last minute that we need to go fix," Rare's John McFarlane confirmed during today's livestream. "So we will be updating the status of that in the next 24 hours."

We'll update with the new release date when it's announced.

Andy Chalk

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