Sea of Thieves chain shot cannonballs will mess up your masts in March

The rumor of a new type of cannonball coming to Sea of Thieves has been percolating for a few days, and Rare confirmed the existence of the destructive "chain shot" projectile in a video today. It's essentially a cannonball cut down the middle with a chain connecting the two halves, and it's going to make a mess of your ship's masts when it arrives on March 11, along with a new Tall Tale.

The new projectile will do full damage to any ship part it hits. It'll knock over a mast and shatter your captain's wheel and capstan (the anchor wheel) in a single hit. If the thought of your beloved ship getting shredded to splinters doesn't sound too appealing, it's not all bad news. The chain shot will do less damage to your hull than regular cannonballs, and the range is reduced, too, so your enemies will need to get in nice and close to use it effectively.

Check out the full video below, which also includes information about the current Hunter's Haul event and some Twitch drops arriving this weekend, including an obsidian fishing rod on Saturday and an ebon flintlock pistol on Sunday. Double XP and gold will be in effect on Saturday as well, in recognition of Leap Day.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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