Sea of Thieves kicks off its new 'Adventures' live events tomorrow

Sea of Thieves is a blast, especially if you're playing with a good crew, but I've always wished that it had more to offer in the way of directed, narrative-focused adventures. In January, Rare unveiled plans to make that happen with the addition of new, time-limited events called Adventures, the first of which is set to kick off tomorrow.

Each Adventure is a "chapter" in the broader overall story of Sea of Thieves, and will take place at a rate of roughly one per month, running for two weeks each. At the end of each season, a final Adventure will run for three weeks, with a conclusion that will impact both the lore of Sea of Thieves and the game world itself. Even more interesting, that conclusion will be determined, to some extent, by "the combined efforts and choices of the community."

For lapsed players or newcomers, the crash-course version of events leading up to this point in the story is that the Sea of the Damned—the place where pirates go when they die, before they're brought back to the world of the living—has bled over into the Sea of Thieves. That's brought ghosts, ghost ships, and more—some good, many bad—into the realm of the living, and set up an uncertain future filled with mystery and conflict. Now, a mysterious fog is slowly consuming the Sea of Thieves, and only intrepid bands of pirates can determine the cause and put a stop to it.

The good news for occasional players is that each new Adventure will be preceded by a cinematic trailer that sets up the events of the story, so you'll know what's going on even if you've missed out on some of the action. The trailer for the first Adventure, called Shrouded Islands, is below:

Shrouded Isle is set to run until March 3. Details are up, and new players should be sure to check out our handy PSA on what not to do when your teammates are carrying high explosives aboard a fully loaded ship.

Andy Chalk

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