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Sea of Thieves gets a tutorial to help new players set sail

(Image credit: Rare)

No longer will stormy seas send you overboard for Rare has finally added a tutorial, Maiden Voyage, to Sea of Thieves. The lack of tutorial has always been something of a black spot on the game, but now landlubbers can get involved in hoisting sails, scrubbing the deck, and taking charge of a fully functioning pirate ship. 

In Maiden Voyage, new players will learn all about the pirate way of life from the ghostly spectre of The Pirate Lord himself. The tutorial teaches players how to fight, dig up chests, equip items, and the fun stuff like using the sails, controlling the anchor, taking hold of the wheel and firing the canons on a ship. 

When the tutorial ends, players can continue through the Devil's Shroud and enter the Sea of Thieves. The tutorial isn't only for new players, but also for any pirate who needs a little reminder and Maiden Voyage can be accessed at any time from the main menu.

One thing the tutorial doesn't tell you is how to become the outpost ambusher a.k.a the worst kind of pirate, but Chris has you covered for that, so check that out if that's the pirate life you want to lead.