Sea of Thieves gets a free 'Halo inspired' Spartan ship set, but you have to be quick

(Image credit: Rare)

If you log in to Sea of Thieves between now and the end of August 24, you'll unlock a "Halo inspired" Spartan ship set. If you've always dreamed about sailing the open seas, flaunting your love for an entirely different game universe, well, you're in luck.

Players need to enter an active game session for five minutes in either Adventure or Arena modes. The offer ends August 24 at 11pm BST (that's 6pm in New York, 3pm in San Francisco, and 8am in Sydney), and there may be a delay of up to 72 hours before you can access the skins, which will be stored in your ship customisation chest (all except the flag, which you'll find in your ship flag box).

The pack includes skins for the figurehead, flag, sails, hull, wheel, capstan and cannons. I'm no expert when it comes to boats or ships, but that seems to be just about everything. Check out the original blog here.

Shaun Prescott

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