Sea of Thieves Day 1 Patch is a fashion accessory, not a download

In the tradition of many games these days, Sea of Thieves has a Day 1 Patch. There's a twist, though: it's not something you download. The patch is an eyepatch with a red '1' on it, and you can buy it for your character for a single gold piece in any Sea of Thieves clothing store. See, it's a Day 1 Patch. Cute.

If you're not playing Sea of Thieves on its first day of release, no worries, matey. You can pick up the patch until March 29, which is 10 days, by my count.

We've been diving into Rare's open world pirate game, and have some early thoughts on how it's improved since the beta. Our full review will be along soon.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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