Scum update lets supporters dress up their dicks for winter

Early Access Survival game Scum's winter update has landed and it's full of holiday cheer, complete with a snow-covered map, snowball fights, snowman-making, and even sleds you can find (or craft) to slip and slide down frosty hills. 'Tis the season! Even on an island filled with violent murderous criminals.

There are some other exciting goodies, too, like the first iteration of fortifications. Find a house you like and now you can make it yours by locking doors and barricading windows. You can purchase up to three locks per door using fame points, and there are three different levels of window barricade that take different amounts of damage to destroy. Naturally, with door locks comes a new lockpicking feature, though other players on your team can come and go as they please.

The winter update also comes with some bug fixes and balance changes, a new emote (heart hands), and if you happen to be a Scum supporter (meaning you not only own the game but also purchased the supporter pack) you'll get an additional gift in the form of a few different outfits you can put on your naked dick. How cute! I'm sure these banana warmers will look just spiffy combined with your human skin mask

And with all that fresh snow, it's best to bundle up. Here's a few more pictures from the update, and the complete patch notes are here:

Christopher Livingston
Staff Writer

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