Scottish man creates an 'Irn Bru' water cooling system

Irn Bru Pc

Scottish tech shop owner John Lawson and some of his colleagues have created a PC water cooling system based on one of Scotland’s favorite drinks, Irn Bru. And they’ve called it the Aye-Mac, of course.

The bright orange carbonated drink isn’t actually running through the pipes, but it sure looks like it. There is a real 750ml glass Irn Bru bottle at the center of the system connected to the cooling tubes though, and specially colored orange liquid runs through them to cool the components. The images above and below come via SWNS TV.

It has taken Lawson a year to gather the parts and build the system, and it now sits majestically in the windows of his shop, PC Doctor, in Edinburgh.

“I’m interested in designing different coolant systems and being innovative in different ways,” he told Metro. “We are always drinking Irn Bru in the shop, and I wanted to do something different to attract some attention.”

When asked about what else could be used in a water cooling system, he simply replied “anything is possible.” Hopefully haggis won’t be included in the next cooling experiment.

Irn Bru Pc 3