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Score this comfy Kingston HyperX Stereo Headset for only $50

Score this comfy Kingston HyperX Stereo Headset for only $50
Snag this cheap gaming headset deal straight from the Microsoft store. (Image credit: HYPERX)

Today I learned that the Microsoft online store sells non-Microsoft things. It's running a sale on accessories, like this Kingston HyperX Cloud Pro gaming headset for only $50.

The Cloud Pro uses 53mm drivers that offer a decent midrange sound for only $50. The bass could always be better, so for $20 more you can pick up a pair of Cloud II (also on sale) which offer virtual 7.1 Surround Sound and an audio control box, if that's more your thing. 

Wearing a bulky, uncomfortable headset all day will drive you crazy (more so if you wear glasses), so a comfy gaming headset it's always clutch. The Cloud Pro won't steer you wrong as an all-around solid gaming headset, and we like the Cloud series' lightweight aluminum frame and sturdy build.

Kingston HyperX Cloud Pro Wired Gaming Headset | $50 (Save $30)
These lightweight cans are perfect if you're on a budget, but still some killer sound at a price that won't kill your wallet.

If you spend a lot of time in conference calls or Discord chats, the detachable microphone is one of the better ones we've used. It even comes with a cute little mesh travel pouch so you can keep all your extra cables in one place instead of losing it in a drawer somewhere.

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