Schrodinger's cat alive and well in new puzzle-platformer from Team 17 and Italic Pig

I was a bit concerned about Schrodinger's famous cat for a while there - being both alive and dead can't be particularly healthy - but he's turned up in the land of the living in Italic Pig's colourful puzzle-platformer Schrodinger's Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark . The reveal trailer, below, doesn't give much away, but we can expect "a wacky action-adventure-platformer-puzzler that blazes irreverently through the wild wonders of the Standard Model, combining lateral-thinking multi-solution logic puzzles with Fists-of-Feynman kickass combat action". All of which sounds pretty good to me. Theses puzzles will involve words like 'quantum' and 'quarks' and oh dear my brain has melted already.

Schrodinger's Cat is set in an around the Particle Zoo, an "interdimensional subatomic holiday destination where patrons young and old can observe anthropomorphised elementary particles of the Standard Model roaming free in their natural environments". Unfortunately, the enclosures have been opened and all the particles have escaped, while one person cat has been sent to put things right. You'll do so by acquiring colourful Quarks, and combining them to create "temporary matter" such as ladders and grenades in order to pass through obstacles in the environment, or to beat up enemies. If it all sounds a bit complicated, you're right - there are more details about the recently announced game here .

Italic Pig (of Hector: Badge of Carnage fame) are teaming up with publishers Team 17 to release Schrodinger's Cat on Steam in the latter half of 2014.

Thanks, That Videogame Blog .

Tom Sykes

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