Savior is the 'first independent video game' to come from Cuba

While much of the western world now takes access to high-speed internet for granted, Cuba has only recently made the web accessible for the majority of its citizens via public Wi-Fi hotspots. The Cuban game development scene has as such been pretty non-existent until now—something Empty Head Games is aiming to change with its debut project Savior.   

It's after $10,000 via crowdfunding site Indiegogo—at the time of writing it's reached $5,310 of its goal with a month left on the clock—to realise a lovely-looking fully animated 2D platformer set a universe ruled by the Great God, who's suddenly gone silent. In turn, the world has begun to collapse, reality is falling apart, and the deity's followers begin to "wonder if they're living in nothing more than a failing videogame."

Enter you, the Little God, who might be able to restore the world as it used to be. Here's a gander at how some of that looks in practice: 

As you can see there, the tail-end of the funding campaign video explores the challenges faced by Empty Head Founders Josuhe Pagliery and Johann Hernandez building a game in Cuba. 

"Developing a game in Cuba is certainly a big challenge," says Pagliery. "We often have to use limited resources and out-of-date hardware, and it can be difficult to reach out to the global gaming community. Even something as simple as accessing the internet requires a trip to a Wi-Fi hotspot which are only available in a handful of parks scattered around the city."

Savior isn't due until 2018, however if you fancy chipping in at this stage, the game's Indiegogo page is located this way.