Save time in August by watching Wasteland 2's opening movie now

inXile haven't quite finished Wasteland 2 yet, but they have finished the live-action video bit that plays before you're thrown into the game proper. It's part Fallout-style newsreel about how humans destroyed the world (those jerks), and part chronicle telling the origins of Wasteland 2's Desert Rangers, whose fine company you'll be keeping in the game. It's also, sadly, a eulogy for poor Ace, a Ranger who died in the line of duty. RIP Ace, we hardly knew ye.

As revealed a few days ago, Wasteland 2 will be out at the end of August. When exactly at the end of August? Well, we don't know that part yet. What we do know is that the beta has recently been updated, and now contains roughly half the game. You can of course buy into that on Steam, but you may as well wait for the full release now.

In related news, composer Mark Morgan has revealed that he's "just finished mastering the Wasteland 2 soundtrack", which will release "soon" .

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Tom Sykes

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