Save $70 on Logitech’s ‘impossibly thin’ G815 mechanical keyboard

Save $70 on Logitech’s ‘impossibly thin’ G815 mechanical keyboard
If you're looking for a low-profile gaming keyboard, the G815 fits the bill. (Image credit: Logitech)

Looking for a low-profile keyboard? Logitech's ultra-thin (or "impossibly thin") G815 Lightspeed RGB measures a scant 22mm high, yet still manages to house mechanical key switches for a more pleasant typing experience (compared to mushy membrane keyboards). And it's on sale at GameStop for $129.99 today.

The G815 is normally priced at $199.99, so you're saving $70 with this deal. You can also choose between three key switches—GL Clicky (tactile and audible), GL Tactile (tactile and quiet), and GL Linear (completely smooth and quiet). All three versions are marked down right now.


Logitech G815 Lightspeed RGB Mechanical Keyboard | $199.99 $129.99 at GameStop (save $70)
The G815 is an ultra-thin gaming keyboard with mechanical key switches, per-key RGB lighting, USB pass-through, dedicated media keys, and programmable gaming keys.

The G815 is a full-size and wired version of the G915 TKL, one of the best gaming keyboards around. It offers customizable per-key RGB lighting to create your own animations or choose from a selection of pre-configured effects, and is equipped with a column of five dedicated (and programmable) gaming keys on the left-hand side.

Dedicated media controls and USB pass-through are both present and accounted for here as well, the former complete with an edgeless metal volume roller. Summed up, it's a premium gaming keyboard with a less premium price than it normally goes for.

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