Save $60 on our favorite monitor, the 27-inch, 1440p Asus PG279Q

Asus PG279Q deal
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There's plenty going on at the online retail behemoth, despite the Amazon Prime Day deals being around the corner: right now, you can get our top pick for best gaming monitor at a tasty discount. It's currently $60 off, $640 at Amazon right now, a price point just $2 higher than its lowest ever. 

The Asus ROG PG279Q model tops our list for a number of reasons, not least of which is it's crystal clear 1440p IPS display and remarkable 165hz refresh rate. The move from a TN panel to IPS means better color accuracy, as well as improved viewing angles—something that, in the past, particularly when matching that improved quality with the high refresh rate, has been difficult and rare. The PG279Q not only manages that combo, but packs Nvidia's G-sync technology to reduce the tearing and artifacting that results from mismatched frame rate/refresh rate between your PC and your monitor. It really is very good and, all in, holds its own against every other in the market, even some of the best 4K monitors for gaming.

Asus PG279Q is $640 at Amazon | save $60

Asus PG279Q is $640 at Amazon | save $60
Grab our favorite monitor at a solid discount right now. This QHD, 1440p, 165Hz IPS panel is among the best of the best for its crystal clear image quality and robust feature set.

The PG279Q also packs Asus' EyeCare tech, designed to reduce blue light and eye strain during use. This may not sound like a huge deal, but if you're trying to get to sleep after a late night session of Apex Legends or marathoning Game of Thrones or Chernobyl, it can be a huge boon.

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