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Save $130 on this Nvidia RTX 2080 right now at Best Buy

Save $130 on this Nvidia RTX 2080 right now at Best Buy
(Image credit: Nvidia)

Your graphics card is typically one of the most expensive parts of your build. But right now you can get one for less by grabbing this MSI RTX 2080 for $649.99 at Best Buy. This saves you $130 and make it by far the lowest price ever we've seen this card go and it comes packaged with a free copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The original iterations of Nvidia's RTX cards have certainly become a tougher sell since the release of the "Super" line of RTX cards, with their improved performance and similar MSRP. However, the older cards are beginning to see a significant price drop, making the upgrade a far more tempting offer.

At a glance, the 2080 Super simply has more of everything when stacked against the original 2080. More CUDA cores, higher clock speeds, and bigger bandwidth. The difference isn't monumental, but at launch, when it was offered at around the same price, the 2080 Super was an easy sell. However, the differences become far less glaring once you knock about $150 off the price. Both cards still support ray tracing and have the same amount of VRAM making them excellent candidates for high-end gaming builds. This particular model by MSI also features RGB lighting and a triple-fan design to help support overclocking, letting you get every ounce of power out of this already substantial GPU.   

If you want to see how this deal stacks up against previous offers we've seen, and to swot up ahead of November's big sales period, make sure to check out our Black Friday Nvidia deals page.

MSI Nvidia RTX 2080 Gaming X Trio + Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for free | $649.99 at Best Buy ($130 off)
The RTX 2080 is an excellent ray tracing enabled card with 8GB of VRAM and MSI's triple-fan model will keep things cool under overclock conditions.   

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If you've been biding your time on upgrading to a ray-tracing GPU, the time has never been better. With the rapid introduction of new cards, retailers are looking to offload their old inventory, especially during the upcoming Black Friday deals.

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