Save $120 on this killer MOBO and CPU bundle from Newegg

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A motherboard and CPU represent the beating heart of any new build, and today you can save big on both. Newegg is currently offering a bundle consisting of the Intel i9-9900KF and an MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Pro motherboard for a combined price of $549.99 ($120 off). Both of these components are excellent starting points for a new gaming build and feature all the trapping you would want for any high-end gaming PC build.

Apart from its LGA 1151 socket for 9th gen Intel processors, the MSI MPG Z390 Motherboard features a front panel USB-C connection, 3 PCIe slots, 2 M.2 slots as well as RGB lighting behind the rear I/O ports. Another nice touch is a pre-installed I/O shield which saves you the hassle of lining up all those ports when the time comes to finally seat your MOBO in the case.

The Intel 9900KF is a strong contender for the best gaming CPU. The only true difference between this model and the 9900K is that the KF got rid of Intel's 630 integrated graphics, which doesn't really affect gaming performance because you're typically using a dedicated GPU anyway. The KF still retains the same 8 cores and 16 threads of processing power and performed similarly to the 9900K in benchmarks. All of this performance also comes at a marginally lower price point than the 9900K, making it perfect for a build that relies on a dedicated GPU.  

 | $549.99 ($120 off)

Intel 9900KF + MSI MPG Z390  | $549.99 ($120 off)
This bundle brings together some awesome components at a reduced price and is perfect for anyone looking to start a new PC build off right. 

The 9900KF offers similar performance to the 9900K at a lower price point and the MSI Z390 motherboard has enough trappings to make it appealing for any gaming build. Just make sure to check out our weekly GPU deals to round things out. 

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