Save $100 on Harman Kardon's refurbished SoundSticks Wireless with Bluetooth

We mostly tend to avoid refurbished deals, unless it happens to be one that is too good to ignore. This is one of those times. Harman Kardon is having a sale on some of its speaker products, one of which is the SoundSticks Wireless with Bluetooth connectivity for just $129.99.

That's $100 less than its MSRP when sold new, or around $70 cheaper than its street price on Amazon. As a refurbished product, we like that it's being sold by Harman Kardon directly. It carries the original warranty, which is 1-year for the electronics and 5 years for the speakers.

This is one of our favorite speaker sets, and our top choice in the design category. They look unique, offer excellent audio clarity with little distortion (even at high volume), and unlike most Bluetooth speakers the SoundSticks enter and stay in pairing mode as soon as they're turned on.

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Paul Lilly

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