Save big with the GOG Summer Sale PC Gamer Collection

GOG's Summer Gaming Sale is live now through June 18, and celebrates with a limited-time Xenonauts giveaway. We scored Goldhawk Interactive's sci-fi strategy game 85 back in 2014, and have fondly gathered some of our other favourites in this sale's PC Gamer Collection

Following that link will take you to 37 discounted games that span three decades and multiple genres. Repping the '90s are likes of Doom, Dungeon Keeper Gold and Freespace 2—all of which are going for less than $4 a piece. 2003's Beyond Good and Evil moves us into the 21st century, on sale for $2.49; while Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic comes in at $3.99. 

Fast forward to this decade and my own favourites include FTL: Advanced Edition ($2.49), Into the Breach ($11.99), Divinity: Original Sin 2 ($33.89) , Grim Fandango: Remastered ($2.79), and Prison Architect ($7.09). 

Check out the PC Gamer Collection in full this way, and do share your own favourite bargains in the comments south of here.

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