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Satellite Reign heading to Early Access in December

Satellite Reign

Cyberpunk fans have never had it so good. Earlier this year there was a cyberpunk game jam, while the likes of Dex, Shadowrun Returns, VA-11 HALL-A and, yes, Satellite Reign are keeping the dystopian dream alive elsewhere. That last one should be the most noteworthy to fans of Syndicate, as it's been pitched as the "spiritual successor" to its sequel Syndicate Wars. Which of course means technology, trenchcoats, strategy and lashings of rain, just like cybermama used to cybermake. If you've been longing for such a game to play this December, you're in luck, as devs 5 Lives have announced that Satellite Reign will be coming to Steam Early Access on December 5th. There was of course a new trailer released to celebrate this news; you'll find it above.

If you're itching for more rainy satellite news in the meantime, our interview with the game's lead, Mike Diskett, should suffice. Meanwhile, the following playthrough of the pre-alpha version offers a good overview of how the game will play.