Sanctum 2's first DLC pack is here, with a shady new playable character

The Road to Elysion is the first release of Sanctum 2's planned string of DLC, and it brings some seriously dark stuff to the otherwise colorful tower-defense world—so, naturally, Coffee Stain Studios thought it best to encapsulate the DLC's offerings in this demented, '90s-style live action trailer, replete with backwards-facing baseball caps and crappy plastic action figures.

Wasn't that... something? In spite of the pair's face-splitting grins, this DLC actually sounds as though it'll be building upon Sanctum 2's narrative, with new playable SHODAN-like "rogue insurgent" character TSYGAN revealing the sinister origins of the conflict on LOEK III. Along with this news, she brings four new maps, two super-powered weapons, two new towers, and "enhanced enemies." It's fun for everyone!

The Road to Elysion is running for $4 over on Steam , though don't forget that you can sign up for a season pass , should you wish to check out Sanctum 2's three forthcoming DLC packs too.