Samsung 1TB 860 Evo SSD is on sale for $200 right now

Newegg continues to unload Samsung's 860 Evo drives on Ebay at tantalizing discounts. We brought attention to the 500GB for $99.99 the other day (it's still available at that price), and today we noticed it's selling the 1TB variant for $199.99.

Just last month, we brought this same 1TB model to attention when it was on sale for $249.99, which at the time was an all-time low (save for what looked like a temporary pricing error on Walmart). It fell even further to $237.99 on Amazon, where it's been since the second half of June.

Now it's at $199.99 on Newegg's Ebay page, which is a fantastic price for this SSD. We consider the 860 Evo series of the best SSD lines for gaming because it's the fastest consumer SATA-based SSD series out there, it's competitively priced, and is backed by a 5-year warranty.

Go here to grab this drive.

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Paul Lilly

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