Saints Row's Knifethrower minigun in Fallout 4 is all kinds of awesome

Saints Row 4 is easily my favourite of Volition's batshit sandbox crime sim series. Its story was as forgettable as they come (something about aliens and presidents, I think?), but its weapons were great—from its laugh-out-loud Dubstep Gun, to its very NSFW Dildo Bat. Another of my favourites was Johnny Gat's The Knifethrower, which has now been modded into Fallout 4 to great effect. 

Straight from the workbench of GenghisKhanX—who also brought us the likes of The Beautifier and Commonwealth Trash Collection—Minigun Knife Thrower brings Johnny Gat's weapon of choice to the wasteland.

Blade-firing barrels can be attached to any minigun, so says the mod's creator, while ammo can be crafted at Chem Stations under the 'utility' heading. Doing so will set you back 500x 5mm rounds and 500x steel—which combine to make 500x Knife Rounds.   

Moreover, the Knifethrower minigun does 4x regular Minigun damage. And here it is in practice:

"Yes, this is mostly a joke mod," says GenghisKhanX on the mod's corner of the Nexus. More information, as well as installation instructions, can be found via the link above.